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Republic Services

Residential Roof Replacement

At Republic Roofing we are your roofing experts. The owners have replaced more than 1,500 roofs and replace roofs weekly in Central Indiana. If you would like to receive a no obligation inspection of your roof just give us a call. You will find a friendly professional staff to take care of your needs.


Roofs do wear out and a old roof can cause lots of damage to your home. Investing in a new roof is a very wise investment. 


Insurance Claim

Hail and wind damage thousands of roofs in Central Indiana. Even small weather events can compromise your roof. This is an insurable loss. If you are not sure or think you might have damage just give us a call. One of our knowledgable roof technicians will provide a comprehensive inspection of your roof at no charge.


If damage is discovered we will meet with the insurance adjuster and upon approval install a new roof. We simply work for the insurance proceeds and deductible. 


Commercial Roof Replacement 

Commercial roofing projects involve planning and logistics. We are experienced at the process so you will find a knowledgable professional in Republic Roofing as your vendor. Even the process of preparing a quote is time consumiing for both parties so we make every effort to deliver a highly competitive price and secure the business. 


To get started simply call our office and the owners of Republic Roofing will meet with you to define the scope of the project and will immediately begin our estimating process to rapidly return a detailed quote for consideration.  



Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be the result of many factors. It usually requires a bit of detective work and roofing expertise to find the cause of the problem. At Republic Roofing our technicians are trained to find the point of penetration. Just give us a call for a rapid response and through inspection. 


When required we can tarp areas of the roof to stop active leaks before more damage is done and in advance of the repair being made. 


Roofing leaks can cause tremendous damage to a home. If you have a roof leak don't delay and call us today to prevent further damage.  

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