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  1. Following a storm event that you suspect may have damaged your home or commercial building you first want to note the date.

  2. Contact Republic Roofing to tarp any exposed areas to prevent further damage and set an appointment for an on-site inspection and consultation.

  3. Contact your insurance company and report that you suspect you may have damage. You will be  provided with a claim number.

  4. After filing your claim the insurance company will contact you to schedule an adjuster to visit your property to assess potential damage to your home. It is important to tell your insurance company that you have selected Republic Roofing as the contractor to complete your repairs and that a representative from Republic Roofing will be present at the adjuster meeting. Make sure to obtain the name and phone number of the adjuster and call or mail us with that information.

  5. While we await the adjuster meeting we will prepare a detailed, itemized estimate using Xactimate (the same software insurance companies use).

  6. We will then meet with your adjuster on-site and assist him/her in determining your Scope of Loss. We represent your interests in this process.

  7. Once the claim has been approved and the check has been issued by the insurance company we pull permits, order materials and schedule the work to begin.

  8. Upon conclusion of the work we will provide a final on-site inspection and provide you will all warranty information. It is at this time the final check is released to us that may include Depreciation, O&P and Supplemental monies.







It is important to note that we only work for insurance proceeds and deductible. We never charge for additional work unless approved by you or the insurance company. Our scope of work is adjusted to match the scope of loss approved by your insurance company. You will find our process to be smooth, efficient and free of hidden fees

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