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Insurance Loss

Hail and wind damages thousands of roofs each year in Central Indiana. Often times, especially with hail damage it can't be seen from the ground yet your roof has been compromised. This is an insurable loss!


Every day we have roof technicians in the field inspecting roofs for weather related damage. Most insurance companies will request you to have a roofing company inspect and advise prior to filing a claim. Our inspections are comprehensive and we never charge for this service.


We are happy to meet your adjuster to assist the claim and upon approval complete the roof replacement project. 


Commercial roofing requires specific expertise in a wide range of products. At Republic Roofing we are expert installers of all commercial roofing types such as; Modified Bitumen, Single-Ply Roof Systems (EPDM, TPO), Asphalt and  Metal Roofing Systems.


In addition to the construction knowledge to install these roofing systems we have experience in the logistics required to complete a roofing project while business operations continue uninterrupted. We work around your schedule and site requirements to avoid any conflicts. 


Finally, we carry commercial level insurance and follow OHSA regulations. 


We are completing roof replacements in Central Indiana every week. The owners have completed over 1,500 roofing projects. We are experts in this field. 


If your roof is aged, leaking or appears to be breaking down then call us for a free no obligation inspection of your roof. Upon completion of our inspection we will provide a thorough report on the condition of your roof. 


If your roof is leaking we are available to make appropriate repairs. Roof leaks will cause serious damage to your home and should not be ignored. A Republic Roofing technician will work to determine the cause of the leak and explore with you the best options to fix it. All of Republic Roofing inspection services are offered at no charge. 

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