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  • How long have you been in the construction business? At Republic Roofing the Owners have over 25 years in all phases of both commercial and residential construction backed with a solid educational background. See About for more details.

  • Are you licensed and insured? Yes we are insured. In the jurisdictions that we are performing work that require a license we are licensed. This requirement varies greatly between local municipalities. Feel free to ask for a copy of any of these documents.

  • Are you a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau? Yes, we are a proud member in good standing with the BBB. 

  • Are you a member on Angie's List? Yes, we have earned a "A" rating from customers.

  • Is it possible to upgrade my roof? Yes, often times the homeowner will elect to upgrade from a 3-tab standard shingle to a dimensional shingle.

  • How long do the repairs take? Once funded we typically start the project within 7 days. This is based upon weather conditions and material availability. Despite these variables our company average is 6 days. 

  • Will I get a final inspection when the work is complete? Yes, we always allow for a final homeowner inspection of all work completed.

  • Do I get a warranty from Republic Roofing? Yes, within 30 days of your final payment  you will receive the Republic Roofing warranty and any applicable manufacturer warranties in the mail.

  • How do I schedule service? Simply call our office and we will immediately schedule a service call to correct the issue.

  • What is Depreciation? Depreciation is simply the amount deducted from the insurance settlement based on the age of the material being replaced. Don’t worry this is not out of pocket for you. The insurance company releases the deprecation amount at the end of the restoration.

  • What is a Statement of Loss? This is a document produced by the insurance adjuster once an on-site inspection is conducted. The final document is an itemized list of the damage to your home from the storm event. We work on your behalf to make sure the Statement of Loss is complete.

  • What is a Scope of Work? This is the direct result of the Statement of Loss. From the adjusters Statement of Loss we create a Scope of Work to complete the restoration.

  • What is O&P? This is another insurance term and refers to an allowance made in the insurance settlement for overhead and profit. Overhead and Profit are funds often times added to the end of the project by the insurance company. This is part of the final proceeds paid to Republic Roofing.

  • What is a Supplemental? This occurs when additional damage is discovered in the course of completing repairs on the original Statement of Loss. For example if damaged siding is being replaced and it is discovered that damage occurred behind the siding a Supplement is submitted by us to the insurance company to increase the Statement of Loss and fund the repair. Any monies allocated in a Supplemental are due to Republic Roofing.

  • How are the selections for new material made? Once a Statement of Loss is determined and the settlement approved then we will bring material selections to your home. 

  • Do you put a sign in my yard? Typically we do put a sign in your yard for the duration of the construction. This helps with material delivery and allows us to market our services.

  • Why do you need to meet the insurance adjuster? We meet the insurance adjuster to discuss the damage to your home, point out items we noticed and discuss the overall scope of loss. We have a professional relationship with adjusters from all insurance companies. In these meetings we represent your best interests.


For any additional questions simply email us at: or call us toll free at 317-747-0072.

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